3 Benefit of Making DIY Wedding Invitations

3 Benefit of Making DIY Wedding Invitations - Your wedding invitation is your guests’ first glimpse into the exciting event you’ve been planning for months. Think of it as your wedding’s handshake. So how do you make that first impression unforgettable? With DIY wedding invitations! Do It Yourself (DIY) projects are making weddings more affordable, more personal, and more fun than ever before. So join us in the DIY revolution by skipping the stationary store and making your own DIY wedding invitations.

3 Benefit of Making DIY Wedding Invitations

Why are DIY wedding invitations a fabulous idea for any couple? Here are just a few reasons we think you’ll love doing it yourself:

DIY wedding invitations are unique

Your wedding is as unique and special as you are, and that shouldn’t stop short at your invitations! You’re too cool to settle for a boring pre-packaged wedding, so why settle for plain white invitations? Let your sparkling personality shine through by designing your own invitations. Let your sense of style lead the way as you use your favorite colors and design elements to treat your guests to a sneak peak of the wedding that awaits them. 

Who doesn’t love to receive something hand made or personally designed in the mail? Your grandma loved the glittery cards you made for her in pre-school, she’ll love the grown-up version even more. By making your own DIY wedding invitations, your guests will treasure the work you put into creating something just for them. We guarantee your invitation will find its place on the fireplace mantel or the fridge instead of in the recycling bin if you make it yourself.

DIY wedding invitations save you money

In this difficult economy, who isn’t looking for any chance they can get to slice dollars off their budget? Why pay someone else to make your invitations when you can easily do it yourself? Free fonts and downloadable templates make it simple to print invitations from your home computer. And there are so many kits and paper products on the market today, you really can find or create a style of invitation that complements your wedding beautifully at a fraction of what a stationer would charge. 

DIY wedding invitations bring people together

Does the task of creating your own invitation seem too daunting to tackle yourself? Enlist your family and friends! People love to help with weddings, and DIY wedding invitations are the perfect project to work on with your bridesmaids, your mom, and even your fiancé. Doing it yourself is totally manageable if everyone pitches in. 

Set up an assembly line and let your aunt tie ribbons while your best friend cuts vellum and your little sister seals envelopes. By the end of the night you’ll have a stack of invitations ready to mail and an evening of great memories to share for years to come. Now doesn’t that sound more fun that sitting in the stationary store flipping through idea books?


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