7 DIY Wedding Invitations Tips: A How-to Guide

How to DIY Wedding Invitations - You’re on a mission–to get the perfect invitations–DIY Style. Sifting through invitation samples, DIY kits, and stationary stores can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you finish? Is glitter ever ok? We’ve assembled our seven best tips to guide you through creating perfect DIY wedding invitations: start to finish.

Think Theme

This first glimpse into your special day should reflect the feel of your wedding. Guests will take clues from the feel and formality of the invitation as to what to expect for the event itself. If you’re vying for a spot on Platinum Weddings, aim for luxurious paper with gray text and silver accents. Hosting a backyard barbecue? Find cute gingham paper in your wedding colors and play with fun fonts to portray your casual style. Getting married in a vinyard or forest? Incorporate the natural elements you love about your location into your invitation.

7 DIY Wedding Invitations Tips: A How-to Guide

Survey Samples

There are thousands of beautiful invitations being designed by professionals everyday. Flip through bridal magazines, search online, and  browse the stationary stores to see what people are already making. Let the pros inspire you to unleash your own creativity!

Pick Paper

Whether you decide to go with a wedding invitation kit or truly do it yourself by using scissors, paper, and glue, the paper you choose will be the foundation of your entire invitation. Let your paper choice guide you as you wade through other detail decisions like text color and accents.

Say It With Style

What you say and how you say it is as important as the paper you print on. Why spend all that time letting your style shine through on your DIY invitation if your guests have to read something drab? Skip the “The parents of Boring Betty cordially request your presence…” and come up with your own cute way to say, “Hey! We’re getting married and you’re invited!”

Find a Funky or Fancy Font

After you know what you want to say, play around with fonts to give your invitation style and finesse. Check out some of our favorite freebies at Urban Fonts or Fontspace. Make sure you choose something legible and easy for even your grandmother to read. Some wedding fonts my seem like beautiful script at first, but printed at 12-point font may leave your guests wondering who’s getting married and where.

Print Proofs

Don’t waste your fancy paper and trial runs and possible mistakes. Print out different versions of your invitation on cheap printer paper, cut it out and lay it over your invitation background. You’ll get the idea and feel of the invitation without wasting your precious, limited, (and sometimes expensive) paper. Oh, and do we even need to mention proofread? Yes! Get someone else (get lots of people!) to proofread your invitation. You’re too close to it now. You won’t catch your own mistakes because your eyes will just fill in what you think you’re trying to say.

Edit Elegantly

You’ve heard the expression, “After you’ve put on your accessories, look in the mirror and take one off.” The same rule applies to invitations. An over-accessorized invitation can look as gaudy and tacky as a woman wearing too many necklaces. A little goes a long way with decorative elements, so stand back from your invitation for a moment and include just the most perfect decorations.

Now you’re ready to get invitation production in full swing. Call up your best girlfriends, pop open the wine, and go DIY!


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